Travelling to the World Cup 2018

The World Cup is still two and a half years away, but that doesn't mean it's not time to start getting exciting and planning for the event! The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia who will hopefully piggy-back on their winter Olympics successes.

Russia can be a tricky country to visit with plenty of visa and logistical issues. Getting a visa can be pretty tricky so hopefully with this major event coming up they'll find a way to welcome fans rather than give them a nasty introduction to bureaucracy.

Another challenge for fans during the World Cup 2018 will be logisitics. The sheer size of Russia will make planning a difficult endeavour for fans. There will be 12 playing venues and, though all of the action will be confined to the western part of Russia, the distances will still cover a huge area almost the same size as all of Europe. This will be in stark contrast to the 2022 World Cup that will be held in the tiny country of Qatar.

Russia also isn't known for being one of the cheaper places in the world. Moscow is consistently at the top of lists naming the world's most expensive cities and Russia in general is very expensive. That means that you'll either have to really save your money to afford a visit here. Or, why not try your luck on the William Hill football betting website to see if you can win your trip to the world cup with some well-made football bets?

But fans will likely be rewarded with an amazing tournament in a beautiful, historically fascinating, and culturally rich country. Russia will not fail to impress either the most discerning traveller or the most rabid football fan and World Cup 2018 promises to be a wonderful experience for all.







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