What Not to Forget to do in London - How to Leave London and Feel Like You've Done Everything on the List

The most beautiful capital in the world... Yes, indeed. With plenty to see, even more to memorize and definitely a lot to be grateful for. The city of contrasts where dreams come true and hearts break. London is one of the most popular travelling destinations and we know why it's so.

Travelling is one of the best things life can offer you. There aren't that many joys money can buy but travelling definitely is one of the worthy spendings. London's magic is in its diversity. When in London, you can't believe the beauty of the architecture. The multiplicity of various districts and the touristic capacity of the city are unbelievable. It seems like everyone needs a piece of London and London is always there for people to admire.

When you start planning your trip to the fanciest capital in the world, you need to act wisely. The most important thing you have to do to understand that you have to put maximum effort in your vacation/ get-away plan. Yes, the plan is significant. It will truly hurt to miss something you didn't think of doing.

Rule number 1. Make notes.

Follow the list of must-see and do actions daily. If you have always wanted to walk around Hyde Park - do so. If your dream's been to take pictures on the famous London Eye - don't' hesitate to. Memories are exactly what we get out of our trips with.

Rule number 2. Go through all the places of interest.

As London is a very popular destination with tourists from all around the globe, you would want to take a look at all the places most people in the world are eager to see. The Buckingham Palace, for example, is the top choice of 90% of the tourists. Great Britain is one of the few countries in the world that allows you to literally get closer and feel the atmosphere of the Royal House.

Rule number 3. Drink and eat what your soul desires.

London is full of restaurants and pubs. There are hundreds of bars that are open 24/7 and many take-away places that will take you straight to any gastronomic corner of the planet. If you aren't planning to come back then make the most of your visit. Museums, palaces, royal yards, beautiful sight-seeing - London is the place to be.

Rule number 4. Shop wisely.

Shopping can also be fun but remember, you're in the most expensive city in Europe. Period. Everything is over-the-top posh .. and expensive. From rent to food, from public transport to insurance. Any brand, any designer store or long-searched product can be found in London. I wanted to do so much while in London for the first time in my life, that I would probably need another 5 weeks off work just for this kind of fun.

Rule number 5. Try something you will remember for the rest of your life.

To me London is that one city that you will remember for the rest of your life. My first tattoo was done in London, my first ever vape kit (I still have it by the way) has been purchased in London too. London has made me the vaper I am not, leaving my old cigarette addiction behind. The memory remained that London is the city where I bought my first apple e-liquid and was so happy because it was really delicious. By the way, I still buy vape liquids and vape kits from the British website Vawoo.

London is the capital that attracts the rich and poor. Harrods is the top destination for visitors with money. A place to look, a place to spend. The city is full of talented people, artists and creators who are searching for recognition.. Hand-made, crafted items can be seen anywhere on the streets. Do not stop yourself from getting a souvenir from the heart of Great Britain. Key-chains with Sherlock Holmes are the most wanted items on the famous Baker Street.

If you're travelling during Christmas then you're one lucky person. London is magnificent in December. Get your family and friends a well-known Advent calendar. Believe me, memories like these remain for good.

London can be busy and cold-hearted to newcomers trying to make their living there. But it is extremely warm and pleasant for tourists. Everything your soul desires is available for one to see, feel, touch and experience. The biggest live shows and concerts, the brightest festivals and yummiest dishes. Mind-blowing cocktails and the happiest people from everywhere. London is a dream come true. Has yours come true yet?







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