What to Do On Your Trip to London

You are finally getting to take that trip to London you have always been dreaming about. The excitement might be more than you can take as you make your arrangements for your airline tickets and think about what hotel you are going to stay at. You might also want to take the time now to think about just what you are going to do while you are in London. Depending on how long of a stay you are going to have, you may only have a limited number of hours to do all of the things you have been considering. As you make your list of priority places to see you will want to consider some of these things to do on your trip to London:


While London is very famous for its history in places like Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, among others, the city is also known as one of the best places to shop in the world. You can find everything from some of the top designers that you have heard about to small, out of the way shops with antiques and curiosities as you travel around the city. You may want to consider looking at staying at one of the hotels near Harrods London has available so you can get the chance to shop in one of the most famous stores.

Theatres and Shows

Just like going to Broadway when you travel to New York City, when you go to London you can get the chance to see some of the best entertainment anywhere in the right part of the city. Take the time to go see a show at Theatreland London so you can see famous actors and actresses performing in famous plays and musicals. There are also countless entertainment opportunities at different clubs and other venues where you can see top musical acts, performers, dancers and much more.


Dining in London can be an experience like in no other city in the world. With all of the diversity in the city you can find just the type of food that you will love the best or take the time to try something completely new for yourself. From five star restaurants to pubs that are off the beaten path you can find something different to try each day of your stay.

When you are considering all you are going to do in London, choosing a hotel in the right place will matter to you. Look for a hotel that keeps you near to Pimlico Tube Station and Victoria Coach Station so you can use public transit to get around the city. Take a look at the London Victoria hotels in this area and you will see that the Comfort Inn Buckingham Palace Road is the ideal choice for you. You can get a hotel near to places like Royal Albert Hall and other great sites and have a room that is clean, comfortable and affordable throughout your stay.







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