Top Outdoor Activities in London

Tourists from all round the globe flock to London during the summer months for a delightful outdoor vacation experience. Whether you want to take a stroll in the moonlit streets of the city or take part in some adventure activities, summer is perhaps the best time to visit. If you are coming with your family and kids, the parks and gardens of London can enthral you like nothing else can.

However, a London tour could be an expensive affair, if you do not know how to plan your accommodation, dining, and transportation. One rule of thumb says that you should book your hotel and air tickets as early as possible. This not only helps you to save money, but also gives you more flexibility in choosing the right deals. Experienced travellers suggest that booking bed and Breakfasts hotels in Victoria London like the Sidney Hotel London Victoria could make your tour cost effective, convenient, and comfortable.

Things to Do in London in Summer

From watching a cricket match to taking a ride on the London Eye, there are so many things to do in London during summer. Here is a list of the top things to do.

  • Bird Watching - If bird watching is one of your favourite outdoor activities, consider visiting the London Wetland Centre. It would be a good idea to take your kids with you. They would love to watch birds of different species, ranging from wildfowl to ospreys. You can also visit Kew Gardens for a delightful experience.
  • Festivals - If you visit London during the summer months, you can attend many cultural festivals, such as, the City of London Festival, Southbank's Festival of Love, and the Mayor's Thames Festival. If you are looking for a delicious gastronomic experience, you can attend the Taste of London and other food festivals.
  • Sightseeing - Of course, you should explore some major tourist destinations, such as, Queen Elisabeth Conference Centre, Passport Office, Buckingham palace, Belgrave Road, Harrods, Royal Albert Hall, London Eye, and Gatwick Express. Staying at a bed and breakfasts hotel in Victoria London would enable you to travel around these important landmarks conveniently. One good idea would be take a double-decker sightseeing tour.
  • Water Activities - If you are coming with your family and kids, do not forget to take part in water activities, such as, swimming, boating, and riding. For swimming, you can visit Brockwell Lido or Hampstead Ponds. If you are planning to have fun in kayaking, you can head to the West Reservoir Centre. Another interesting spot to visit for water activities is Lee Valley White Water Centre. You can experience speedboat riding, here.

In order to enjoy these outdoor activities to the fullest, you need to keep yourself fit and fine during the tour. Be sure to have a good night's sleep and take your meals in time. It could be a little difficult to eat the right foods during a tour. You can carry water and some wholesome snacks in your bag always, so that you do not need to skip your meals. One good idea is to stay at a cheap bed and breakfast in Victoria London. This ensures that you do not miss the first and the most important meal of the day.







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