Where You Should Buy Souvenirs in London

For anyone who wants to commemorate their trip to London, buying souvenirs is an absolute must! It is likely that while you are walking along the streets, you will come across small shops selling key chains and shirts. While these items and stores will do when you're in a hurry, there are plenty of better places for you to pick up unique keepsakes of your holiday. Going on a special London shopping tour can certainly help you with that and there are certain spots you shouldn't miss.

Portobello Road

This is your haven for antiques. Here you can find all kinds of treasures, including classy historic artefacts and small affordable trinkets. If you are a determined bargain hunter, you could stumble across Victorian-era prints, vintage teakettles, and antique dolls for a steal here.

Borough Market

You should check out this place if you are searching for edible souvenirs. This foodie paradise specialises in gourmet treats from artisan brewers, farmers, and grocers from across the country. It is the best place to buy items like craft beers and truffle honey.

British Museum Gift Shop

They offer a lot more than your average souvenir store. They commission special pieces for their own lines of accessories, home ware, and jewellery based on their current exhibits and make them available for purchase. Their goods are not only made by UK-based artists, but they are also sold exclusively at the museum.

Charing Cross Road Bookshops

Avid readers should hunt for second-hand classics here. Compared to new editions, there's something more special about used books with yellowed pages. They can be the perfect addition to the antique furniture you bought at the Portobello Market.

Book a London Shopping Tour with British Tours

Seven hours around the best shopping spots in London seems like a long time. That is until you actually experience it and you realise that you need more time to haggle and decide what to buy. Book a tour for the last day of your trip and you sure won't regret it.







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