Top 4 Amazing Natural Monuments of Armenia

Armenian nature is amazing and diverse. Here you can contemplate the picturesque view of velvet wooded mountains, visit beautiful crystal lakes and rivers, enjoy the energy of powerful waterfalls, explore mysterious caves, stroll through green alpine meadows covered with flowers. Sounds great, doesn't it? Below you can get acquainted with the most amazing natural monuments of Armenia. And for those who are planning a trip to Armenia we definitely recommend including them in their must- visit list.

Symphony of Stones

In Kotayk region not far from Garni village, there is an amazing Garni Canyon which is famous for its huge hexagonal basalt columns. They appeared due to the action of volcanic lava. And as a result of that geological processes originated an amazing natural monument which was called "The symphony of Stones" or "Basalt Organ". It got this name not by accident: from afar this symphony of stones resembles a huge organ. This is a truly impressive sight and no wonder that it has become one of the most popular tourist sites in the country. So if you happen to visit Armenia include it into your must-visit list of attractions!

Lake Kari

A delightful small lake Kari is located at the foot of the highest Armenian mountain - Aragats. Most of the time of the year this high mountain lake (3402m) is surrounded by snow, and in summer, when the snow thaws, you can enjoy the beautiful green alpine meadows surrounding the lake. It is from this lake where begins a favorite among hikers climbing route to the Mount Aragats. The area around the lake is an excellent place for opening tents and camping.

Waterfall Shaki

In the province of Syunik on the left side of the Vorotan gorge, the flows of basaltic lava solidified and formed a ledge with 18 meters height, from which the waterfall of Shaki cascades down. This waterfall was named Shaki after one beautiful girl. According to the legend, long time ago lived a beautiful black-eyed girl named Shaki. One day the conqueror Temu-Lenk admired with her beauty ordered his soldiers to kidnap her. Shaki did not want to become a victim of violence and jumped from a high cliff. During the fall, her long dress opened and turned into a waterfall. Since then, the waterfall has been known as Shaki. Nowadays Shaki waterfall is one of the most impressive sights in Armenia. Its water falls from the altitude of 40 meters and fills the atmosphere with amazing freshness. The area around the waterfall is a real architectural treasure trove. Within it, many ancient caves were found, and the international scientific community is going to make it a reserve.

Mount Ajdaak

Azhdahak Mountain is the highest peak of the plateau, dominating over the mysterious Geghama mountain chain. This volcanic mountain has height of 3597 meters and is considered the third highest mountain in Armenia. In its crater, there is a small lake of incredible beauty. The lake is filled with ice waters all year round, and it is so pure that anyone can see its bottom. "Azhdahak" means gigantic, titanic, and the mountain is fully up to its name. Azhdahak is one of the most beautiful mountains in Armenia, and the conquest of its height will please and delight especially those who like eco-tourism and mountaineering, as well as those who love nature, colorful alpine meadows, fresh frosty air, crystal ponds and beautiful scenery. You can explore these beautiful sights by yourself or contact any tour operator in Armenia you like most and choose interesting packages. For example, tour operator Arara offers interesting excursions to the Simphony of Stones and the Mount Aragats with its Kari Lake.







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