Whenever the one century ends and another one starts, certain customs and traditions die inevitably. We tend to believe that everything that survived the 20th century up to millennium is here to stay. While certain aspects will remain forever, or at least last the next hundred or two hundred years, millennials are here to kill off a lot of things that seemed quite traditional for your parents, as well as for you. So, if you want to say goodbye to soon-to-be-extinct things, check out our list of aspects that are about to be killed off in cold blood by millennials.

1. RIP Beer

Yep, the most popular beverage of your youth, which was the favourite drink of your parents and your grandparents, doesn't appeal to millennials. In general, millennials drink less than previous generations. Those representatives of the Y generation who like to have drink, prefer wine and cider. As a result, soon there won't be enough consumers to keep beer brands afloat. Consuming of beer fell 1% in 2016, and it is expected that alcohol consuming worldwide will fall 0.8% in course of few years.

2. RIP Department Stores

It is quite possible that 50 years from now, people would watch late George A. Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead' (1978) and won't be able to understand it. Not because of the living dead and zombie apocalypse would seem absolutely ridiculous to them, but because department stores will be non-existent by then. Modern department stores don't meet expectations of millennials. They are not ready to pay as much as their parents and they lack interest in half of the items presented in shopping malls. Either department stores will get use to millennials' expectations or we'd have to say goodbye to them.

3. RIP Marriage

Millennials need twice more time than baby boomers to settle down. They are not trying to buy a house as soon as possible, and they are not so fascinated by the idea of marriage. Millennials are much more interested in education or career pursuit. If in 1980s the vast majority of people aged between 20 and 25 years old were married and had kids, modern young people of the same age group among now live alone spending most of their time working. In fact, many of them prefer build an open relationship.

4. RIP Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding started as a possibility to invest money into independent movie-making, helping aspiring authors to publish their debut novels, as well as helping in business development. But millennials seek other purposes in crowdfunding. They often ask social media users to help them raise money for honeymoon or for plastic surgery. If it will continue, we can forget about crowdfunding.

5. RIP Vacations

Unlike the X generation, their Y descendants are work martyrs. You wanted the vacation? Well, good for you, but millennials don't like vacations at all, as they are obsessed with their work. Over 30% of millennials work instead of vacations. And this number is growing every year, thus there is a great possibility that twenty years from now there will be no vacations, just some days off.







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