How Men and Women View an Ideal Relationship

They say men and women are from different planets. That's why they differ so much both physically and emotionally. Their divergence is even more apparent when it comes to relationships. Men keep wondering what women do want while women can't understand what men need. This is because they are focused on their preferences and ideals and expect that the opposite sex will understand them. If you want to build a happy relationship, you need to embrace the otherness of your partner. Here are the things women and men expect from relationships. Thanks to our friends, Ukrainian girls online, for providing us with these charming ideas.

What Do Men Want?

Acknowledgement. Men want to feel significant. Their egos are constantly seeking approval and if they don't get it, they don't feel happy in a relationship. Although men seem confident and independent, they need to know for sure that their significant others respect and appreciate them. A man feels loved when his woman tells him what she likes about his appearance, character, how proud she is of his accomplishments, etc.

Satisfaction. There is one very important thing that boosts men's confidence greatly. It is the understanding that he makes his woman happy. This desire is a sign that he plans a serious long-term relationship with this woman. He wants to know that he satisfies his woman both in life and in bed, or in other words, financially and sexually.

Respect. "My partner should respect me for who I am by default”, every man would say. It means that he wants to be respected for his personality, his views, and aspirations. When a woman starts to disapprove of the things he considers important, she automatically distances herself from him.

Sexual connection. Many women will say that men need only one thing from them – sex. And they will be right but partially. Apart from getting physical, men want to feel connected emotionally. While women get emotionally connected when they talk with their partners, cuddle, and spend time together, men can even initiate sex just to check if their woman is still sexually (emotionally) attracted to him. The problem can arise at the beginning of a relationship when a woman is not ready to open sexually and due to this a man doesn't know for sure there is a connection between them.

Space. Another difference between guys and girls is that women want to spend more time with their loved ones while men appreciate their independence in relationships and the ability to spend time apart.

What Do Women Want?

If we gain insight into women's needs, we'll see that, basically, they are not very different from men's expectations.

To feel safe. Every woman wants to have the relationship in which she'll feel loved, secure, and comfortable. She is looking for a real man who will be the rock she can rely on. She doesn't need a boy who will create problems rather than solve them. A true man is the one she can trust and open up to.

To feel desired. It's important for women to feel that their men are attracted to them even after years spent together. They love to hear compliments from their loved ones because those words boost their self-esteem and prove they are still desirable in their men's eyes.

To feel loved. Both men and women want to feel loved but they get this feeling in different ways. Women need men's attention. Every woman likes when a man listens to her carefully and supports her, when he's there when she needs him, when he takes responsibility for their couple.

To feel equal. A woman wants to feel that her relationship is a partnership based on parity. She wants her partner to listen to her opinion when an important decision is being made. She likes when he asks her for advice – this is a sign he respects her.







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