London's Expensive Streets

Victoria road located in the affluent Kensington, West London, was recently nominated as the dearest road in the UK with the mean housing price over the past five years reaching GBP 8,006,000. It neighbours Kensington Palace, the Royal Albert Hall and adjacent to the Queen's Gate right up to Kensington Gardens, this housing estate has recently been considered a "Billionaires playground."

If Foxtons or Knight Frank attempted to put the impressive 64 homes up for sale with the standard estate agents fee of 2% it would amount to a total of over GBP 10m. If the sellers of the properties were savvy and sold their properties on eMoov, the whole street could be sold for GBP 38,000.

Last Friday, Lloyds Bank distributed a seemingly expensive list of the dearest roads to live on in England and Wales. 70% of the streets highest on the list were located in Kensington and Chelsea with Kensington Gardens obviously take top spot. London and the rest of the South East take over the top 50 however Sandbanks, situated in Dorset, town of Poole is the only exception.

It isn't very shocking that Kensington and Chelsea have the majority of the most expensive streets. Its prestigious status has taken years to build up and is notorious for its' affluent reputation which entices investors from all over. This location has prestigious schools, highstreets full of designer outlets and is just next to the Capital's business constituency.

Central London predominantly takes over the rest of the list with Eaton Square having a mean price of an establishment at a staggering GBP 6.7million, this is slightly more expensive than Parkside in Merton estimated at GBP 6.3 million. North London's West Heath Road in Barnet comes close at GBP 5.1million closely followed by Anhalt Road in Wandsworth with the average home sold roughly at GBP 4.6 million.

Sat at number 20 on the list is Leys Road outside of London in Leatherhead, between the years of 2010 an 2015 the mean house price was a staggering GBP 3.8 million. Further afield from the Capital city, rich investors are usually fascinated to the bigger houses in a good location for work for example Surrey and Cambridge slightly further is Cheshire, Poole and you can't forget the "Golden Triangle" in Yorkshire.

There is a significant difference compared to the dearest street in Wales, Lloyd's results suggest that there is not a single million pound row. For a stereotypical home in Druidstone Road in Cardiff, the average price to pay is GBP 793,000. This means that the difference in price compared to Kensington's Victoria Road is an astonishing GBP 7.2 million. This luxorious 2-bedroom is for sale on Zooplais for GBP 285,000.

With Victoria Road practically on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's doorstep, home to top financiers, A-list celebrities, and period architecture, its new title hasn't come as a massive shock. Currently on the market for GBP 7,950,000 is this four-bedroom house on the road, one of the street's larger properties. With approximately 3,060 square feet to move around in, this home boasts a large reception area, huge kitchen and king-sized bedrooms. Looks like we better start saving!

Victoria road is in essence next door on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's house, top investment bankers, famous celebrities and immense dated architecture the title of a "Billionaires playground" is not very surprising. Momentarily up for sale for GBP 7,950,000 is a luxury four-bed house on the road albeit one of the superior houses. It has roughly 3,060 square feet to get comfortable in; this house has an impressive reception area, large kitchen and king-sized bedrooms. If this takes your fancy, start saving!

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