The Right Tips to Increase Fitness Level For Beginners

Staying fit is the new trend. People are waking up to the idea of being fit. It does not only have health benefits, but it can also make you look good.

There are many ways to get fit. Actually, it is a mixture of a lot of things. You need to take care of your diet, you need to hit the gym and also stay on the right track by staying positive. It is surprisingly very common for people to lose focus midway and give up on their goals.

This may be due to several reasons including a lack of information, which also causes people to get poor results. This is why you need to ask questions and have no confusion regarding fitness.

Ask what to eat after fasted cardio? How long it will take you to lose weight? What I the perfect weight for you? etc.

Here are 4 tips to increase fitness level for beginners:

Perform Cardio First

The first step towards getting fit is to do cardio exercises. They help in burning more amount of calories than other exercises. These include indoor cycling, rowing, plyometrics etc.

You can start slow by just jumping around and running a little. Cardio is actually a lot more difficult than it looks on paper. Don't be surprised if you get tired in a few minutes.

You have to slowly build your stamina and then move ahead. Initially, your training time should be under 20 minutes. You can increase this gradually by setting goals, i.e: start by cycling for 5 minutes then move to 8 then to 10 and so on.

Exercise All Body Parts

You need to concentrate on all body parts and not just a few. It is common for people to concentrate just on the upper body - because it is more evident - and neglect legs and thighs.

While this will give you big biceps and a broad chest, you will have really bad legs and this will impact your whole look and fitness level. You can have days for each body part, like you can work chest on Mondays and then abs on Tuesdays and so on. This way all your body parts will be covered.

Bring In the Intensity

Once you begin to get the hang of the exercises and are not gasping for air as much as you did when you started, it's time to move on to the next challenge.

Here's where you need to up your game and go for more intense workouts. If you have been jogging then it's time to try sprinting. If you have been lifting 40 lbs of weight then it's time to increase it to 50 lbs.

Remember that the idea is to start off slow and steady. Also, know your limits and do not put a lot of pressure on your body.

Your body comes with limitations so know when to stop otherwise you may end up hurting yourself. Moreover, take breaks and give your body the rest that it deserves.

Turn To A Healthy Diet

Say goodbye to unhealthy foods and consume a healthy diet that fills you up with nutrients that your body needs. You do not have to turn to a very strict diet since you are looking at losing weight and get fit and not getting into professional bodybuilding, but still stay away from foods that make you fat. These include fried foods and sweets.

Also, have pre workout meals so that you have a good amount of energy before you start your workout session.

These tips can help bring you in shape, do more physical work and live a healthy life. However, remember that it will be a while before you begin to see results.







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