Fall in Love with Earls Court

A trip to London cannot be complete without paying a visit to the Royal Albert Hall, Victoria and Albert Museum, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Chelsea football ground and The Troubadour. In fact, your trip to London is incomplete without a visit to the Earls Court area.

Staying in Earls Court

While there are several boarding and lodging options in London, do check out the hotels in Earls Court like Hotel Lily.. Staying close to exciting places and major tourist attractions could save you travel expenses.

History of Earls Court

This fascinating and complex district in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea falls in central London. One of the most illustrious families in England, The De Verve Family owned a 771 acre estate that encompasses Earls Court. Spanning across 15 generations, the family owned the estate for some 500 years, governed from a manorial courthouse. This is where it got its name as Earls Court. The Holland House present today was built by Sir Walter Cope and was named as Cope's Castle in the seventieth century. After the death of Cope, one of the richest entrepreneurs, the estate was passed on to the Earls of Warwick and Holland and then to the Edwardes family in 1721. William Edwardes was announced the first Lord of Kensington and this marked the beginning of a transformation of this isolated rural area to an urban suburb within the span of a century. A rich historical background of the district is only one of the many things that allure us to Earls Court.

The Success of the Railways

Did you know that Lord Kensington build the ill fated Kensington Canal in the nineteenth century? The purpose was to ferry goods to and from the Thames. The canal became obsolete even before it was completed. While it was being built, trains become a popular mode of transport for freight. Selling his defunct canal to the Railway Mania, Lord Kensington opened the doors of transformation of the estate. From a backwater rural area with market gardens, the place became an accessible suburb with luxury to cheap & budget hotels in Earls Court.

Some Interesting Things to Know

Earls Court appealed to actors, writers, musicians, artists and some of the bright political minds.

  • Mahatma Gandhi resided here while he was a student at the University College in London.
  • Ellen Terry, the leading Shakespearean actress, was a resident of Earls Court during the peak of her career.
  • It was on Seagrave Road that Mr. Rolls met Mr. Royce to give us the grandeur of the luxurious Rolls-Royce brand of cars.
  • The penning down of Marcus Garvey's philosophical works that inspired the Pan- African movement took place in his office at Beaumont Crescent in Fulham.
  • The Empress theatre was used as a dormitory for the Belgian refugees during the First World War.
  • Douglas Fairbanks Junior, the poplar screen idol, lived here in the 1950s. It was here that he had a clandestine affair with the Duchess of Argyll.
  • Lady Diana Spencer used to reside here from 1979 until her marriage to Prince Charles.

There are several interesting facts about this region. The more to stay here, the more you will discover. You can also travel to the Olympia Exhibition Centre, Westfield Shopping Centre or Harrods to make the trip memorable. Do not worry about accommodation, as there are reputed hotels in Earls Court.







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