23 College Productivity Tips

Keep Productive

Don't be upset when thinking about the great pile of duties to accomplish before the deadline comes, as there are some ways out of the situation. If productivity is not your strong point, it doesn't mean you can't improve it. Ever more students are searching for secrets and hacks, good methods of composition, and some college productivity tips. The longer you study, the more assignments you have to execute. Thus, the question of increasing your capacity for work is topical. However, learning how to do lots of things per day can be not as difficult as you might think before. Only a few minutes (or even one minute) can change your life for the better.

That is why we have exemplified here a couple of quickest and simplest but very effective methods to increase your productivity level.

One Minute to Accomplish More Tasks

As a person may understand from the Wikipedia definition of productivity, it is a rate at which some duties are executed. It includes a number of accomplished assignments, time, and ability to put things into perspective before handling them. The method of one-minute increase of work capacity is a good strategy to improve your skill. You may use either only several pieces of advice or the whole list; it is up to you to decide. Nevertheless, it is convenient and efficient to use all tips as follows:

  • Avoid ambiguous tasks. If you don't understand what to do next, you are probably going to put this assignment at the end of your list and postpone it regularly. If such occupation occurs, try to indicate steps to achieve a goal and execute them one by one.
  • Say "no" to three things that take much time, energy, and motivation to complete them.
  • Switch off email notifications not to be distracted by them.
  • If an assignment can be executed during two minutes maximum, do it right off the bat. Thus, you will be able to complete small duties before handling serious ones without spending much time.
  • Create a list of results. It is not a mistake, as it is highly convenient to see what results you need to achieve.
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  • Make short pauses. Even one-minute break is enough to have rest and boost your energy. Besides, you will be not so tired by the end of the day.

These seven rules are simple but effective enough to feel better after a long working day and cope with a great amount of work.

Five Minutes to Be Productive

The following steps will help you to avoid delays and procrastination during studies in a college or university:

  1. Write down everything that you must accomplish today.
  2. Pick three urgent tasks and highlight them.
  3. Choose two assignments that you may need to do today if there is enough time.
  4. Then, find the easiest things in your list and accomplish them immediately.
  5. Cross out every executed assignment and get to some less important duties.

Both previous methods are good somehow. Pick the one fitting you most and be ready to boost your college productivity and get good grades.







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