Tips on Planning a Business Meeting in London

Businesspersons cannot afford to waste time. So, if you are planning to arrange a business meeting in London, you need to make sure that you do careful arrangements. Remember that planning is the key to success here. You need to plan everything - starting from the agenda to location of the meeting. A successful business meeting not only enhances the reputation of your organisation, but also goes to show that you are a great organiser.

What are the Most Important Things to Plan?

The first thing to do is to choose a suitable location. This should be decided on the basis of important parameters, such as, the size of the meeting room, number of attendees invited, distance of the conference centre from railway stations and airports. If you are planning to hold the event in London, one good idea would to choose a location close to Gatwick Airport. Some hotels near Gatwick Airport like Holiday Inn Express Gatwick Crawley provide a clean and comfortable conference and meeting venue to suit all of your business needs. Choosing such a hotel would enable you to organise the event on a budget, without having to compromise of the quality.

  • Create an agenda - It is important to recognise the main objectives of the meeting. You need to prioritise the objectives and create an agenda accordingly. The idea is to make sure that the most significant topics are discussed in the first phase of the meeting.
  • Invite the attendees - Once you create a rough agenda, share it with your attendees. Ask them to let you know whether they want to make any change. Once you get green signals from all of them, finalise the agenda and get it printed.
  • Choose the time - Choosing a suitable time for the meeting is also important. You should opt for a time that is convenient for all attendees. Ideally, the best time to start an event is between 10 am and 11 am in the morning. This helps the attendees to reach the venue comfortably, without having to beat the rush hour traffic.
  • Book catering services - You will find a number of catering service providers in London. There are vendors that specialise in providing services for corporate events. Check the menu to see whether all necessary food and beverages are available.
  • Look for conference room facilities - It is very important to book a well equipped conference room. Some important facilities to look for include free Wi-Fi, complimentary teas and coffees with biscuits, mineral water and mints, flipchart and stationary kit, fax and photocopying facilities; air conditioned rooms, projector and a wide screen. Considering that some of your guests may come by car, you should consider booking a hotel with parking near Gatwick Airport.

It is a good idea to book your conference venue in a central location. Remember that some of your attendees may want to explore some major tourist attractions of the city after the meeting. Booking a park and fly hotel in Gatwick Airport or a hotel near Surrey & Sussex Crematorium would be a great idea, because it would keep your guests close to some important destinations, such as, Crawley Town Football Club, K2 leisure centre Crawley, and Hawth Theatre.







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