How a Londoner Can Extend His/Her Business Abroad

Expanding to international markets as an entrepreneur with a company in London will mainly depend on the business regulations from abroad which can encourage or forbid the access in some business fields. Whether you would like to set up a company in Spain, China or in any other country, you should bear in mind the local laws regardless of the chosen structure and domain of activity. Even if in the first instance, starting a business overseas as a Londoner might seem an easy process, it is advisable to address your inquiries to a local lawyer or specialist in company formation and have a clear picture about how companies can be set up.

Opening a Company in Spain

Spain offers a wide range of business opportunities for EU and non-EU citizens as long as the business terms are respected. For example, entrepreneurs from London have different ways of expanding their operations in Spain, like branches or subsidiaries, two well-known business entities that can be established with respect to the local laws. The registration process of a company starts with the Spanish Commercial Register where a name verification is mandatory. Just like in most states, the Articles of Association are the main documents that stand at the base of a firm in Spain. As soon as the certificate of incorporation has been issued by the above-mentioned authority, your company in Spain can commence its activities as a branch or a subsidiary of your existing firm in London.

Shelf Companies, a Solution for a Fast Business Start as an Entrepreneur from London

A ready-made company mostly addresses to those who want to enter a foreign market without having to wait for the incorporation process and related matters. Shelf companies are already registered and can be used as soon as the transfer of the ownership is done. Entrepreneurs from London looking to start a business in China, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil or Malaysia as fast as possible can decide on purchasing a shelf company. The advantages of a shelf company are huge, but the most important ones are linked to a fast incorporation and no liabilities involved. Also, the history of such firm will weight pretty much when dealing with the banks in the chosen state for business expansion, meaning that loans and credits can be easily attained.

Company Expansion Solutions

Londoners interested in opening a business abroad should first of all focus on certain markets that can meet their business needs and which can offer complete constancy in economic terms. It is good to know that governments worldwide sustain the foreign investments through all sorts of encouragements which are also applicable to entrepreneurs with origins in the UK. Moreover, Londoners can think of joint ventures and place their investments in existing companies abroad, in the market they are interested in. If you would like to test and discover a particular foreign market without having to set up a traditional office and think of the expenses involved, you can consider the benefits of a representative office and decide on the proper solution for future business operations abroad. Whatever solution you choose, you should observe the local regulations, otherwise you might need a defence solicitor if you are accused of business crimes.







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