Hotels in Oxford UK

Mention Oxford and most people immediately think of the University. Although Oxford is largely considered a college town, it is so much more. Oxford is also a theatre town and very popular among theatre and ballet enthusiasts. If you plan to attend the theatre in Oxford, there are a wide range of options for theatre venues and entertainment options.

Accommodations near Oxford's Many Theatres

If your visit to Oxford includes plans to see a musical, drama, comedy, or concert, there are quality hotels in the city centre. Among the finest boutique hotels in Oxford, UK is Vanbrugh House Hotel, which is located in the city centre and near to theatres, restaurants, and boutiques. The most popular theatres in Oxford include the Oxford Playhouse, Oxford New Theatre, and Pegasus Theatre, depending on the type of show you wish to attend.

Oxford Playhouse

Oxford Playhouse hosts a wide variety of live performances and the theatre is well known for drama and comedy. You can view live performances, including drama, contemporary dance and music, comedy, poetry, family shows, and many other professional, as well as student and amateur performances. Oxford Playhouse produces and tours its own shows throughout the country, and also offers workshops, a young people's theatre company, and other events and programs.

New Theatre Oxford

Visitors attending productions here often seek accommodations at hotels in Oxford City Centre & Oxford New Theatre. The theatre is situated at the city centre on George Street. New Theatre Oxford features top names in music, dance, and theatre in a large number of concerts, touring musicals, opera, ballet, Broadway style musicals, comedy events, and other shows throughout the year.

Pegasus Theatre

Pegasus has a youthful vibe, but attracts and interests people of all ages, generations, and cultures. The theatre hosts a variety of shows, including comedy, drama, and dance. The theatre is more than 50 years old and was renovated in 2010 with facilities that include space for performances, rehearsals, and training. In addition to shows, Pegasus is dedicated to artistic development, participatory arts, and engaging the local community.

Dining and Pubs

Oxford offers a wide variety of dining options, should you plan to eat before or after your trip to the theatre. There are restaurants devoted to casual dining, fine dining, and international cuisine. Whether you want something British, Italian food, or something more exotic, the selection f cuisine is diverse and there is something for everyone. In addition, there are several pubs in the local area to provide enjoyment in the evening.







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