10 Lifehacks to Help You Travel to London First Class for Cheap

Traveling by air is generally nice but coach-class flights may be too lengthy and exhausting. Is it possible to travel in comfort without giving all your money away? Let's find out how you can find really cheap first-class tickets to London or any other cool place.

1. Become a frequent flyer

Regular customers are precious to any company since they bring them stable revenue. All major air carriers now offer their own loyalty programs – there are special discounts, the possibility to accrue miles, and many other perks. Choose what you like and start getting benefits!

2. Be the first or the last in the check-in queue

Even if you are about to fly coach class, it is still possible to win a free or cheap upgrade. For instance, when you arrive at the airport 10 hours before the departure, check-in officers might provide you with a special prize. Or they might do it if you've almost missed the plane.

3. Go to your travel agent

Organizing a trip on your own is considered to be cheaper. Likewise, you can control everything in this case. But when it comes to booking a first class seat, your travel agent can find the best variant within just a few minutes! These people know where to search and are often allowed to book for their clients on a priority basis.

4. Choose the right time to travel

People who always travel first or business class typically stay home on big holidays. So there is gonna be not only a plenty of free seats in premium cabins but they will probably cost much less than accepted. Take your chance and go on vacation when other flyers stay on the ground!

5. Book well in advance

Spontaneous adventures are amazing but can be costly. As a rule, travel companies and air carriers offer large early-booking discounts to their customers. Plan your trip well ahead and you will be able to find first class deals to London for attractive prices.

6. Stay tuned online

Subscribe to your airline's newsletter to receive proposals on your email. Moreover, flight companies occasionally offer their passengers to upgrade their coach class tickets a few days or even hours prior to the plane takes off. Don't forget to check your inbox then! Another way to win a cheap first class seat is to take part in online bids.

7. Get a special credit card

Loyalty programs offered by large airlines often include co-branded credit cards. There are also travel credit cards enabling their holders to accrue miles and spend those on free and cheap upgrades to first class. If you get one, your travel life may go to another level.

8. Pay partially with your accrued miles

Even if you don't have enough miles to cover a first-class trip, you can nevertheless pay a half of the full price with those and save money. Not all airlines provide such an option so read the terms and conditions of each loyalty program prior to joining it.

9. Receive an upgrade by getting bumped off your flight

Yeah, it is risky but sometimes very helpful. You should know that air companies usually sell as many tickets as possible so flights might be just oversold. If there aren't enough seats onboard, check-in employees look for volunteers who'd agree to wait for the next plane. What if they upgrade you as you give up your coach class seat?

10. Buy tickets of a particular type

If you fly to Europe from the United States or Canada, search for Y-UP, Q-UP, or K-UP airfares. This allows you to book cheap first class seats as coach and then receive a free upgrade. Keep in mind these deals aren't always possible to find online so you'd better as your airline.







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