About This Site

To the new arrival, London seems like a scary place. It's a huge city and hugely expensive, especially if you're still spending your measly home currency. This site has been put together to answer all those questions that I had when I first arrived and hopefully it'll make your transition to this amazing city a whole lot easier.

So What's My Story?

I'm Canadian and first moved here in 2002 after spending a year partying my way around Australia. I wasn't ready for the party to end so I decided to put my British passport to good use and avoid reality by heading to the UK afterwards. London wasn't even an option for me because it seemed to big, impersonal and expensive so I planned to move to Glasgow to stay with family and try to pick up the cool accent.

But I somehow landed a job as a travel agent in London and reluctently made the move. I was just like you once. I thought my weekends would be spent taking trips all over Europe. I thought I'd be cultured and take in some of London's famous museums. Hell, I even foolishly thought I might save some money! How very wrong I was... but that's ok because I've had some of the best times of my life here in London and I wouldn't change a thing!

So if you're thinking about moving here then I want to do everything I can to convince you to do it and I guess that's the point of this site!

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